The 'Modern' Robert L. Chapman!
René Bruun, your photographer, has been a photographer for over 28 years since he picked up his first camera, a second hand Zenith 12XP. Over the years he used Yaschica, Minolta, Nikon and Canon. He travels around his island nation of Ireland, mostly by bicycle, taking photographs and documenting daily life in the Emerald Isle in his own unique way.
He was worked for W.E.N.N. - World Entertainment News Network as well as Demotix News and now shoots images for EyeEm and Getty Images. You can follow him on Instagram using the names 'DublinImages' or 'bnw_ireland'.

Camera: Olympus Pen F
Lenses: Olympus 17mm & Olympus 25mm

Edited with Aperture for Mac.